12 Snack Ideas for Your Upcoming Road Trip: Making Your Trip Unforgettable!

road trip snack options

When do we love our lives the most?

It’s when we have a sense of liberty, spirit of adventure, flashes of novelty sprinkled with a little dash of adrenaline. And the one thing that can give us all in one is the road trip of our dreams. You get to pick a road trip among the 4 mentioned in this blog if you want some ideas, but everything would impress or satisfy a little less if you could not munch on your favorites.

Eating is one of the most gratifying experience a living being can have. What more, we humans have excelled in the art of feeling even more deeply gratified by treating our senses to a variety of snacks. What better occasion can there be if not a road trip to remember.

Road trippers often wonder what kind of things they need to be packing because most of the stuff would be available on road. What certainly would be not are the snacks that could come handy when you are not hungry but want your teeth to have some exercise.

Snacks for a Solo Road trip

Solo trips are among the best ways to introspect, engage in a dialogue with self, reminisce about past (but frankly that’s not really worth it but something that no one can escape from!), plan for future, experience life the way we never have to while living it from day to day.

So your solo road trip snack should be manageable just fine and you should not be wondering time and again that you must have had a company!

So some snack ideas could be:

Fruits: Best eaten when they are seasonal and local! They are great to keep you nourished, hydrated and full! You can finish and then buy some other and then some more of the huge kinds. Nature has been quite generous.

Sandwich, Rolls and Wraps: If you like quick hunger dismantling, you can rely on these to quite versatile items. Fill in your favorite sauce, some freshly-cut veggies, salt and herbs and you are good to go. Just make sure to eat them soon before they get stale or worse bad.

Protein Bars: A nice way to amp up your calorie intake without much impacting your fit body. These are not messy and offer when body needs. Meet the needs before these become multi-headed monsters.

Snacks for a Family Road Trip

The idea of families together on the road can be daunting to some but a way to strengthen the bonds among the members for the others. Rarely all the members get to spend some quality time together, and that’s their chance.

What’s more is that food can easily keep a check on their moods and good food can surely act as a solid bonding material. Number of people in families can be anywhere between 3 to 7 and to keep everyone happy all the time can be a challenge but that couldn’t stop from trying and finding joy doing just that. Snacks can sprinkle such joy from time to time.

Here are some snack recommendations:

Dried seeds and nuts: Pistachios, Walnuts, Cashews, Peanuts, seeds of Sunflower, pumpkin, muskmelon and watermelon, etc. can be a source of much needed energy while nullifying hunger pangs.

Dried fruits: Surely, you can purchase your packet of dried raisins, black currant, cranberries, blueberries, apple slices, etc. and combine these with dried seeds and nuts to create even more flavors on the go.  

Sparkling water: With many people in a place, conversation flow and thus you are bound to get thirsty. Having some sparkling water at hand would not let you feel bored with your drinking options on the road. Just resist the urge for a sugary drink.

Bread with salted-butter/applesauce/salted-cream cheese/fruit jam/salted milk-cream: Your kids would love the instant snack when they go hungry quite often on the road.

Snacks for the road trip with the besties

So the besties are the family you get to pick and thus like to spend most time with (well, at least that’s true for many people!). No two of your best friend are same so you get to enjoy the “variety” which is of course “the spice of life”.

With these people around you, you are bound to eat more and thus indulge more in the journey and in the friendship that has started everything in the first place. Just make sure every one of them has the tasks assigned and he/she has accepted it without any fuss.

Snacking on such a trip is natural. Here are some recommendation for the most memorable of the times:

Baked veggie chips: Easy to make at home with some slicing done in the food processor and sprinkling oil and salt-herb seasoning to enhance taste. Pack in zip-lock bags to let not moisture affect its taste on the road.

No-bake protein bars/balls: Roasted rolled-oats, mixed with dried nuts and fruits bind with honey and dates can be a filling snack. Choco-chips can also be added for extra flavors. These can be rolled into balls or left to set in bars which are easier to carry. You can also toss in some roasted/baked quinoa, cereals or chocolate for that matter.

Baked chickpeas / peanuts: This little something can enhance your experience of the road drastically. OK, I might be exaggerating a little but what the heck. Munching on such protein rich savory treats can turn around any bleak day into a fabulous one, especially when you are surrounded by people you find most comfort with.

Snacks for the couples hitting the road 

A happy couple is a myth some say, but a couple can definitely find themselves on a long drive. They can create so many moments to commit the drive to in their memories for forever. The trip could be used to resolve issues if any or just to strengthen bond you two share in many romantic ways you can come up with on the road.

And if you are among the couples who still testing the water, a road trip can expose every little facet that might not come out in small-time meetings in a coffee shop or on a dinner date. Testing you possible life partner can start right from the planning and packing the other one is doing for the trip.

For both kinds of the couples, here are our recommendation for the snack to go to:

Cracker / Graham snack mixes (sweet or savory): You can come up with a cracker of your own choice sprinkled with the seasoning that appeals to you most. That’s the fun of backing crackers and then you can throw in anything and everything to make it a bag full of surprise fun for your partner.

Hard-boiled eggs: Absolute favorites of many people, these are a go-to-snack to curb hunger pangs for good. The no-mess snack can substitute any good meal if you know how to club these with bread or wraps for that matter.

Banana Muffins: Bakers or non-bakers, no one is resist to such a sweet accompaniment to any meal. Quick and easy to make, you will be able to appreciate it more while on the road when choices are limited to unhealthy or pricey snacking.

Of course, irrespective of what kind of road trip you are embarking on, you can create a mix and match among any of the snacks mentioned above. Or just dive deeper into the Internet for more snacking ideas. We just hope you had fun reading it just as we had writing it. Have a great time munching and road tripping!