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Men's Fashion Accessories

Men’s Fashion 101: The Most Desirable Contemporary Accessories You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Men’s fashion has come a long way from its initial concepts of style and accessibility. Fashion is an ever-evolving phenomenon, where standing out of the crowd steps up the game. A perfect way of doing this is using accessories with outfits that suit the wearer’s style and fashion.

Men’s fashion accessories have long been thought of as a luxury. A premium watch or solid gold bracelets were a few of the traditional kinds of accessories that set the wearers apart and left a big dent in their pockets. The modern men’s accessories ideas have evolved into something more elegant and chic, which is not too expensive and leaves a lasting impression. 

Today, accessories are even sported by most celebrities and sportsmen. From Djokovic looking sharp in his Lacoste shades to Chris Hemsworth flaunting his TAG Heuer, men’s accessories are turning from the rich boys’ toys into the contemporary man’s necessity. 

Must-have Fashion Accessories for Great Styling

A new kempt branded shirt with an equally fine pair of chinos or trousers look good. But a modish watch or a complimentary scarf with the outfit can add multitudes to the fashion statement. Below is a guide discussing all the essential men’s fashion accessories that ensure such elevated looks and styles.

Patterned socks

The same old socks every day look bland after a while. Even with elegant footwear, there are times when the whole setup needs a splash of colour to show confidence and style. In comes the need for patterned socks. Though the trend started back in the 2000s, with proper combinations, a rocking look can be achieved by the wearer.

The first thing to keep in mind is that with a bold pair of socks like these, the outfit must be simple. If both the outfit and socks have a lot of patterns, they may look clumsy.

Next, the patterns must exude confidence and style with a bit of playfulness; stripes or multi-coloured blocks are suited for such choices. Avoiding whimsical designs is a good thing as it may lessen the sharp look the wearer is aiming for.

Tie bar

When wearing a tie is essential for all those occasions, handling it properly becomes a serious issue. Without proper setup, the tie twists and turns and, in turn, gives a shoddy appearance.

A tie bar essentially helps keep the tie in place and acts as interesting men’s fashion accessories. With a tucked-in shirt and trousers and a tie in the corporate world, everyone starts looking the same. To stand out, men can wear an elegant tie bar. These go with most kinds of ties and give a classy look to the wearer.

These are also one of the ultimate men’s accessories ideas that refines the suit-wearing game. A tie bar with a suit and tie is simple enough to attract attention and give contrast and elegance to the outfit.

Pocket Squares

Another chic men’s fashion accessory that never goes out of style and is considered a symbol of class and elegance is the pocket square. Though people have been wearing them for a long time and suits, contemporary designs, experimental techniques, and styles make the pocket square an essential suit accessory even today.

The pocket squares create a focal point of attention and add a splash of colour and fun when worn with a suit, blazer, or a tuxedo. This can be practically used by the wearer to express their styles and create a very dynamic fashion statement.


Let’s be honest. In everyday usage, men do not use varied kinds of accessories. The most commonly used accessory by men is by far the belt. Now, belts come in all lengths, colours, materials, and types. Users should be wary of the different kinds as no single belt suits every occasion.

The best way to get a nice belt is to buy a leather belt of the right dimensions. Users should get custom holes punched if necessary for a good fit. Another way of ensuring a better style is to wear a belt matched with the wearer’s shoes. 

Informal and formal belts have a clear distinction. Informal belts can be of varied materials and have different stitch styles and buckles. Formal belts for the office wear, on the other hand, provide a neat, elegant look and can elevate the general appearance of the wearer.


These age-old accessories are the gold standard of men’s fashion accessories. Watches come in different types for different occasions. When wearing a watch for casual encounters and plans, wearers must wear something bright and playful. They can also wear large dialled watches that exude confidence and are rugged enough for rough use.

On formal occasions sticking to elegant watches, mostly automatic, semi-automatic, and definitely analog is wise. The classic watches have a gold or silver body with an elegant dial and dark leather straps. This gives the wearer a reputation and class of its own.


Eyewear is something that has transformed the way of dressing up in recent years. Spectacles are now in no way a barrier to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are available in different shapes for every kind of face out there. The unique styles and colours give a real edgy look to the wearers. 

As men’s fashion accessories, sunglasses are generally worn for casual outdoor events. These are best worn in the daylight but can also give a different look at night. Sunglasses give off a strong sense of confidence in the wearers, and that makes them look good.

Scarves or mufflers

The idea of wearing a winter accessory to keep off the cold is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. A scarf is essential but also a lot more.

Scarves come in various prints and styles. This means users get to choose a particular knot style, length etc. Almost all the different types of scarfs can be worn to keep warm in winter. However, a few of the drape styles elevate the formal wear and thus can be worn in any season. 

A good quality scarf is essential and can be easily paired with formals and t-shirts, jackets, etc. as a men’s accessories idea, scarfs are regaining popularity now and are bound to remain in fashion.


However, a few more useful accessories in this field, like the fine leather wallets that look elegant and at the same time, are handy for holding all the cash and cards for daily transactions. Men’s fashion accessories also include jewelry like rings and bracelets, which provide a sense of heritage and culture to the wearers’ fashion.

Good accessories with proper outfits help the wearers look confident. Even though there appear to be many different options, users should choose what suits them best and be comfortable in it.