Solo Travel Guide for Delhi – The Charm of City Explored in A Day!

Delhi Solo Trip

Loneliness can be many things. It could be scary or it could be a bliss, depending on what you are experiencing in the moment. People can be full of wonder and surprises, and sometimes what they are capable of doing and experiencing comes out when they are on a solo trip to introspection.

And the best is when you live in Delhi!

You can admire the art that still breathes in art galleries, relive history and valor of various dynasties in their architecture as well as museum, or dive into adventure if that’s what you wish in newly developed NCR areas.

One day after all is not enough for a deep understanding of the spirit of Delhi but you surely can surrender to the wafting aroma of everything that Delhi stands for. This one city has many charms and you get to discover them all along with yourself in the process of introspection.

Let’s have a look on how you can make the most of your solo trip!

When you are being a foodie

Food can be therapeutic in more than one way. Being in Delhi can be highly advantageous when you want to use this therapy to sooth your craving soul. Some of the best tour to take when you are feeling like eating up whole Delhi include going to the Chandni Chowk. The place in Old Delhi is well known for its array of Indian street foods that come with their own set of varieties. You have to be really picky to taste everything and not devour to be full before tasting all that’s offered there. You will certainly uplift your mood in no time with such spicy treats in front of you.

When colors are painting your imagination

You can check some of really good art galleries and have more inspiration for the artist inside you. Delhi has emerged as a great place to be in for artists, art enthusiasts and art lovers. You can have enjoy various art works in more than 90 galleries in and around Delhi. Can you believe that? Well, you should. We are going to list a few for your solo trip. You can just sit in peace and admire the thoughtfulness and imagine about their inspiration behind the creativity both renowned and new artists have put in to create visual miracles hanging in the walls. Art Alive Gallery, Exhibit 320, Nature Morte, Delhi Art Gallery, Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Gallery Espace, Art Heritage, Vadhera and many more of these would inspire to take you more of such solo trips. You can also choose to go on a Delhi Street Art Tour at Khan Market, Lodhi Road and Shahpur Jat and be sure to be surprised.

When Museums call

Since Delhi is a place where dynasties clashed and blood was shed for the power and politics, no wonder every corner has a museum, one-of-a-kind, for the history buffs. Internet may have become the latest go-to-place for every kind of information but museums hold many mysterious pieces of our past from different aspects. Being a part of it every once in a while can help in remembering how hard we had to fight to get a life we are living and breathing today.  Freedom comes with a cost but we rarely feel enough gratitude for what we have and crib what we think we should. So here’s the list to start on your path to thankfulness; some of the must-visit museums in Delhi are National Museum, National Rail Museum, National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy, Air Force Museum, National Philatelic Museum, Metro Museum, Ghalib  Academy, Sanskriti Kendra and more.

When you want to walk down the history lane  

Since Delhi lives and breathes history, one cannot stay aloof to its historical charm. Even the way roads are named, you want to Google every one of them to quench your curiosity. You can visit Humayun’s Tomb, Purana Quila, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Jama Majid, Ghalib’s Haveli, Jantar Mantar, Sadurjung’s Tomb, Tughlaqabad’s Fort, Rajghat, Shanti Van and more. As you are on solo trip, don’t bother thinking about how much time you spent at a place. Find a great spot in whichever fort you choose to go for the day, and admire what all comes to your visual vicinity. Let your imagination run wild thinking about its past (check Google if you need to stay more in tune with the history of the place!) You will really feel great about having embarked on the trip!

When you are Angry

Anger can be exhausting and depleting. Put it to good use by participating in adventure activities. You can opt for power paragliding and paramotoring in Sohna, Gurgaon or Rock Climbing also in Gurgaon. When you are up in the sky, glancing over the lush greenery below and small houses here and there, the feeling is incomparable. And the over flow of energy can be channelized while rock climbing. You should however be ready to fail one a many times because the sport is really meant for the sturdy ones.

When you are in mood of redemption

Though God is omnipresent, human beings require special attention, so they came up with places of worship. And Delhi could be the best place to do so, thanks to its status as a cosmopolitan city. You can be on your knees and bow at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara or wonder what to do at Akhardham Temple (Meaning admire the art carved into the stone or feel grateful to be in the Temple Complex for no real reason!). You can also visit Digambar Jain Temple, Lotus Temple, Jama Masjid or Jandewalan or Kalkaji Temple for the same reason. The options are many; let your mood decide for the day!

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FAQs for taking a Delhi solo trip

Q1 – How many days are enough for touring Delhi?

Ans. Any number of days you have in hand to visit Delhi would feel a lot less if you truly want to experience the city, where the old world charm meets the modern life. You can get on a HOHO bus from Delhi Tourism and a day is passed by in a jiffy. Or you can book private tours to experience specialty of Delhi like Spice Tour or Holy Places tour, Delhi Photo Tour or an Art Gallery tour as mentioned in the blog above. A single tour can have your full attention for the day and still leave you wondering at the night if you could get some more.

Q2 – What are the most popular attractions in Delhi?

Ans. Delhi has been through too many phases in past. From being a political potpourri to a cultural and financial hub, Delhi has too much to offer who wants to look. The blog above contains some really useful information which is the answer to this question. And if you have been through all the things and place highlighted above, let us know. We will surely come up with more amusing things in Delhi where you do not really need anyone to accompany you!

Q3 – How much travelling Delhi can cost per day solo?

Ans. Eating can done in Rs 250-300; a decent hotel room can cost you anywhere from Rs 1500-3000 if you are not from Delhi; and bus/metro can cost you Rs 200-300 for a day to commute around. Solo travelling can thus cost anywhere between Rs 2500-3000, depending on how much you are willing to spend. The cost doesn’t include private touring charges if you decide to take one. People can lose everything in a city and yet find themselves. Delhi is one such place. Let us know if we helped you with your solo trip in Delhi in any way; and also if we can add more to this blog!